REvision Form

Let's finish up some details and launch your site!

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We’re close, so close. We’ve talked, chatted, and the major work has been done. There may just be a few things left to tighten up before we are ready to launch your amazing new site. Let’s walk you through how to fill out the revision form so we can get rolling.


The forms is based on each page in the menu section (section #2 in the picture). That is the Page name. Then go from top to bottom of each page in sections like in the picture and list any revisions you would like to make.


You can revise anything, literally. For example let’s say in section 5 you don’t like a few lines in the paragraph. Simply copy the paragraph you want to revise, paste it in the form. Then make whatever revisions you would like. There is also a place to submit new pictures at the bottom of the form. 

If you have any questions on completing this form please don’t hesitate to ask.