DIY T-Shirt Making

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DIY T-Shirt Making

Making your own T- Shirts – LET”S GO!

Making your own T shorts can be fun, efficient, and even proffitable. Here are some Pro’s to learning how to do it like the Pro’s!


T-shirts are popular
When you print a T-shirt, you’re producing an item that virtually anyone can wear. When it comes to tees, people may like or dislike the design but not the garment itself. You may hear people arguing that they don’t enjoy wearing jumpers, maybe even trousers, but never a T-shirt.

They work great as a promotional material
It is no wonder that almost every company and/or brand has an official T-shirt with their logo on it. These garments outlast any other printed material and can take your message to an audience that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

Easy process
While different techniques have different requisites, in general, printing T-shirts is a straightforward process. All you need is a design, a T-shirt and a printing technique.

They make great giveaways
Following up with our first tip, T-shirts make great giveaway and gifts because most people can and will wear them.

Allows you to be creative
T-shirts are very versatile garments, allowing you to modify them in pretty much any way your mind can think of. Not only do they make great canvases for prints, but they can also be easily modified by cutting or even adding material.


It’s not environmentally friendly
Even though some companies are taking measures to battle it, the clothing industry it’s still one of the most polluting in the world. Even if you decide to print your own garments at home, there’s no guarantee that the T-shirt you’re using as a base was manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

It’s not going to last forever
Yes, it may sound like I’m contradicting myself a little bit here but bear with me. Unfortunately, there’s no print that will last forever. There are printing techniques of high quality that ensure a long-lasting design, but even those will eventually fade.

It doesn’t reach a wide audience
This mostly refers to when using a T-shirt as a promotional material. Unlike the internet, which can reach a global audience in a matter of seconds, tees will only impact those that are in visual range. Some would argue that you could upload the picture of a T-shirt to the web, and it would be correct, but the chances of it reaching a substantial amount of views without paid advertisement are slim.

Requires planning and organisation
Like we mentioned, T-shirt printing is a straightforward process but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require planning. Especially when it comes to printing in bulk, printing requires an organised production. Garments have to be ordered, suppliers must be contacted and the design has to be prepared.

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd
Depending on your ultimate goal, you may find it difficult for your T-shirt to stand out among the millions and millions of others that are out there. Thanks to online printing services, anyone and their mother can print T-shirts — and cheaply, too! If you’re trying to convey a message or make people notice your brand, it’s not going to be easy.


There is more.

Image quality is one of the biggest reasons that many businesses choose to digitally print their t-shirts. Digital printing simply allows for a higher resolution, giving your shirts a cleaner overall appearance. This high quality appearance is what initially made digital printing popular, though there are also additional benefits.

The custom designed t-shirts that you produce for your business will be an extension of your brand, so focusing on image quality is truly worthwhile. You want to make sure that your brand’s custom designed t-shirts are eye-catching, and digital printing t-shirts is a way to make that happen.


One of the biggest perks that comes along with digital printing t-shirts for your business is an increased level of efficiency. This efficiency means that you are able to get your t-shirts produced with a much faster turnaround time. If you need custom t-shirts fast, digital printing will likely be the best way to accomplish that.

This boost in efficiency is primarily due to the fact that traditional screen printing is very time and labor intensive. A busy print shop will sometimes have a wait time of several weeks before you are able to see the design of your t-shirts firsthand. With digital printing, you can cut down on the wait time and see results faster.


Because digital printing t-shirts is much less labor intensive than the screen printing method, it allows your business the option of producing small batches of shirts. This in turn means that you can create a variety of designs within your order and have them all completed in one batch.

Variation is great because it will give you a chance to test out different designs that you might have in mind. Whether you are looking for multiple shirts commemorating the same events or just trying to get a number of different branding methods out there, producing a variety of custom design t-shirts is a great way to go.



Of course, the decision about whether or not to digitally print t-shirts for your business will likely come down to price considerations. In addition to the other reasons detailed above, digitally printing t-shirts became popular largely because it carries a lower price tag than other methods of producing custom t-shirts.

Each situation is unique, but obtaining a price quote on digitally printed t-shirts for your business should be part of your due diligence. You just might find that digital printing t-shirts works for you in every way imaginable.

Clearly, digitally printed t-shirts carry a ton of benefits with them. No matter what kind of t-shirt order you are interested in making, digital printing t-shirts may prove to be a truly ideal fit. Make sure that you explore all of your options and discover the many benefits of digitally printed t-shirts for yourself.